Dollified Dreams

Guen De Mesa -- 16, MNL, DLSU - M
a chinky eyed damsel doll who likes iced blended coffees, milk teas and anything pink, thinks coffee shops are the loveliest places on earth, believes in mutant superpowers, and a sucker for princes and princesses. Welcome and sneak into her little space *u*


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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Guen!!!! Did you perm you hair?
dollifieddreams dollifieddreams Said:

yup yup!!! :) 

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Most favorite shoot yet <3 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
will you be transferring eventually to blogspot? or are you still gonna continue posting here? *u* (I like your outfit choices btw!)
dollifieddreams dollifieddreams Said:

i’m already at blogspot *u* though i’ll always update this too whenever i post there hehe and I also reblog fashion photography that i find pretty here :D 

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Sweet everything post up on my blogspot *u* If everything was indeed sweet in life, it wouldn’t be sweet anymore hehe so i’m just referring to the outfit for this one *u* 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
where did you buy that black boots (70% off labeled lovelies)?
dollifieddreams dollifieddreams Said:

from topshop! love it when their items are for sale *u* 

Exactly the chill summer I wanted. Rereading Mitch Albom’s life changing book 👴👦🙉💞